Our clients will have access to specialized tutoring in writing, reading comprehension and math which will increase the confidence of students who have previously felt alienated by education. Students that excel in academic environments are less likely to engage in extracurricular activities that put their health or freedom at risk.

Additionally, students that excel in high school are more likely to attend college and vocational school, which increase life earnings and ultimately breaks poverty cycles and changes the trajectory of families.

Our clients will have access to job- training and networking that will help them develop the skills necessary to find employment.

Also, we will provide students with access to transportation for job interviews so that transportation is not a barrier to self- sufficiency.

Youths who are employed develop self- esteem from taking an active role in society and taking personal responsibility for their financial success.

Employed youth are also more likely to develop ideas that turn into entrepreneurial ventures which gives youth the opportunity to give back to their communities by employing other people seeking jobs and careers.

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